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The unofficial home of Max Headroom stuff on Neocities*

A VeeJay with a mysterious, cyberpunk-y past (and the spark of the very first cyberpunk show), a talk show host, the face of a million coke cans, a satiration of a parody of himself, Max Headroom has done it all!

From his initial introduction as the worlds first "fully artificial" face on TV, his meteoric rise in pop culture and subsequent fall into obscurity, Max remains on the fringe of collective memory as that stuttering, quick-witted and sometimes eerie figure with a plastic suit and head of hair, spitting punchy one-liners infront of simple, animated geometric patterns. Feel free to poke around to learn more about the real-life history behind Max, the (sometimes convoluted) lore within his shows, and a bunch of other fun stuff!

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* maxheadroom(dot)neocities, another fansite, was (as far as I can see) the first and only before this one on neocities. It is inactive and is linked in the archival sites page! It seems to be ported over from geocities, so, yknow. an ancient artifact.